For two days only, Vistaprint is offering 140 FREE Address Labels. You will only have to pay shipping of $3.50. These labels are one of my favorite Vistaprint offers.

Here are a few creative ways to use your labels!

  • Use the labels to identify property—label your kids’ books, label your board games and videos, label a baking dish that you are taking to a BBQ.
  • Mailing something?—stick labels on the packages inside the box as well as on the outside. (Just in case the box gets demolished in delivery.)
  • Use the labels to fill out forms—whether you are signing up for a rewards card or sending in a rebate, save your hand a little writing.:)
  • Bring the labels to yard sales—as you are perusing and finding items you’d like to purchase, slap a label on the items and claim them without having to carry them around. Anyone tried this? I would be afraid someone would take my label off!
  • Pre-address envelopes—are your kids heading to camp or their grandparents’ place for the summer? Send pre-addressed and stamped envelopes with them. Maybe they’ll drop you a line!
  • Planning on canning or making jam this summer? Create a “Homemade By” label–a perfect way to finish off a beautiful jar of jam.
  • Create gift tags—nothing says you have to put an address on them. Create exactly what you want: put as little or as much on the label as you’d like.