Have you signed up for Saving Star yet?! Saving Star provides exclusive eCoupons redeemable at over 24,000 grocery and drugstores throughout the country.  SavingStar's eCoupons are linked to customers' loyalty cards and offer a convenient and eco-friendly way to save on groceries. SavingStar automatically adds the value of each eCoupon redeemed into users' SavingStar accounts, enabling them to pick their payout from cash to gift cards or even charitable donations.

  • Go here to set up an account or sign in.
  • Select the eCoupons you would like to add and have them linked to your store loyalty cards.
  • Use your loyalty card at checkout. (Note: The total on your receipt does not change at checkout and the savings are not printed on the receipt.)
  • When you purchase the items, the eCoupon amount will be automatically added to your SavingStar account within 2-30 days! You will receive an email when your savings post.
  • As soon as you have $5.00 in your account, you can cash it out.
  • Payout is offered in 3 forms: you can have it deposited into your bank account or Paypal account or receive an Amazon gift card.  You may also choose to donate it to the American Forests fund.

Saving Star has released new eCoupons, and here they are:

$0.50/1 – 12 oz bag of Peet’s Baridi Iced Coffee – (savingstar.com)

$0.50/1 – Shurfine Frozen Pie Crusts (2 pack 9″ crusts) – (savingstar.com)

$1.00/6 – Shurfine Greek Nonfat Yogurt Cups – (savingstar.com)

$0.50/2 – Shurfine Facial Tissue – (savingstar.com)

$1.00/3 – Shurfine Seltzer – (savingstar.com)

$0.50/1 – Shurfine Crumbled Feta or Blue Cheese – (savingstar.com)

$0.75/1 – Shurfine 12 ct Ice Cream Cups or Sundae Cups – (savingstar.com)

$0.50/1 – Western Family 2 pk Toothbrushes – (savingstar.com)

$0.50/1 – Western Family 2 pk Lip Balm – (savingstar.com)

$0.75/2 – Western Family Baking Cups – (savingstar.com)

$2.00/3 – Western Family Smoothies Dog Chew Bones – (savingstar.com)

$0.75/1 – Marie’s Yogurt Dressing – (savingstar.com)

$1.00/2 – Dean’s Dips 12 oz or larger – (savingstar.com)

$0.65/1 – Dial Complete Antibacterial Foaming Hand Wash – (savingstar.com)

$0.35/1 – Dial Liquid Hand Soap – (savingstar.com)

$0.40/1 – Diamond Crystal Sea Salt – (savingstar.com)

$0.40/1- Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt – (savingstar.com)

$0.35/1 – Diamond Crystal Salt Sense – (savingstar.com)