Extreme Couponing Tip: Match Products to Coupon Descriptions

Krazy Couponers have high ethical standards and know that coupons should only be used for the products indicated in the fine print.
Sizes & Varieties: Coupons list their value, whether Buy One Get One Free for a product at full price or a discount in cents or dollars. Manufacturers are very specific about the sizes, flavors, scents and varieties of products the coupon covers. When coupons read “any product,” that opens the door to a brand’s full range. But watch out for exclusions, which often prohibit trial or travel sizes.
Picture Clarification: Products need to match the coupon’s description, not necessarily the picture. Most companies sell so many items they can’t possibly include potential variations in a single picture. For example, a coupon for $1 off any Covergirl product gives you at least 50 options but a single image.
If a cashier refuses your coupon because the product doesn’t match the picture, politely ask for a manager. If the manager won’t bend, take it a notch farther and ask them to call their regional or corporate office. Stores should accept coupons when the product you bring to the counter matches a written description.