Extreme Couponing Tip: Watch Videos Monthly for Rite Aid Coupons!

Rite Aid Video Values (also known as “adperk”) are short commercials at RiteAid.adperk.com that earn you store coupons. After viewing each one, a corresponding coupon is added to your Video Rewards account, which you can print immediately (up to 6 coupons per page) or save for up to two months.

When each video finishes playing, you have 30 seconds to verify you watched.  Try to watch all the videos you can every month so you’re prepared for current and upcoming sales.

Video Values coupons have "manufacturer coupon" printed across the top, but the bar code numbers start with an RC49 and are therefore classified as store coupons. Rite Aid separates these coupons in their coupon policy and allows stacking a Video Value coupon with a regular manufacturer coupon.  Video Values coupons are intended to be printed and redeemed once each per registered Rite Aid card account. Rite Aid policy does not allow multiple copies or sharing of Video Values coupons. To sign up for adperks and begin watching to earn Video Value coupons, go here.