Saving for our children’s future is not easy these days. The economy is certainly not helping us out. But ING DIRECT is stepping up to the plate. Through the end of the day today, July 3rd, you can earn $17.76 for each free kids savings account. All children under 18 are eligible.

Simply enter your child’s first and last name, birth date and social security number (you can’t open any bank account in the US without one), transfer at least $0.50 into the account, then select a PIN number and open the account.  That’s it!  It’s times like these I wish I were a grandparent with 30 grandkids!  After completing registration, there are no additional steps you need to take.  The $17.76 will be deposited into your accounts in 30 days.  Credit checks will NOT be pulled for any savings accounts at ING DIRECT.

Here’s how to get your $17.76 for opening ING DIRECT Kids Savings Account

Open a Kids Saving account with ING DIRECT between June 30 and July 3rd and earn $17.76.

  • You will receive the bonus for opening a new account. Either yourself or  your child must be a new customer.
  • Your child has to be under 18 to qualify.
  • There is NO minimum deposit required to open the account.
  • Your $17.76 bonus will start to earn interest as soon as the account is opened and is available for withdrawal after 30 days.
  • That's it–a FREE $17.76!

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