Extreme Couponing Tip: Keep Your Cool at Checkout

  • Sort out which coupons you’ll be using before getting in line. This helps transactions go smoothly and keeps stress low for you and the checker. If there’s a line forming behind you, ease the pressure for the cashier and let other customers know you may take a little longer and another line may be faster. When possible, pass along a coupon to those who patiently wait behind you to spread the coupon love (and it wouldn’t hurt to mention TheKrazyCouponLady.com)!
  • Keeping your cool under pressure is key. When you run into a problem with a cashier or manager, calmly explain your understanding of the store policy. Nicely show them the policy printout. Never lose your temper or make demands – you'll lose any high ground. If things don't work out, simply leave without a fuss. If the store is not following policy or if you have a concern, call their corporate office when you're calm and collected.
  • Showing courtesy to cashiers and store employees is a great way to forge a good bond between couponers and the store. Smile, ask them how their day is going, and always end your transaction by thanking them for their help. Remember, everyone has bad days. Try to be understanding and kind, and you’ll be surprised at the difference!
  • If another shopper or the cashier says something demeaning regarding your couponing, let them know that you are just a normal mom, dad, college student, etc. trying to save money for your family, household or education. Ignorance is often the greatest divide, so explain things like special ordering, being informed, donating, and building your stockpile slowly.