Extreme Couponing Tip: Clean Out Expired Coupons

A key step to keeping your coupon binder, folder, or file system organized is cleaning out expired coupons on a regular basis. Set aside a time every week (or month) to go through your binder. Consider choosing the end of every week before you insert new clipped coupons or the first day of every month. Rotating out unused coupons will create space. Instead of throwing away coupons you won’t use or are expired, check out this link to learn how you can donate them to military families overseas!

If you often forget to use coupons before they expire, try to keep soon-to-expire coupons in a prominent location, such as a designated envelope, 2-3 extra baseball sleeves at the front of your binder, or keep a running list of coupons you have, organized by expiration dates.