While scouring the aisles for great deals, I stumbled across a great one. I found a mail-in rebate hang tag on e. Booth products! This is the perfect opportunity to try a new product. The only catch on this is that you will only be reimbursed for your out-of-pocket cost. If you use +Up Rewards to pay for it, then you’ll need to deduct that from the purchase amount. I recommend purchasing this product by itself so there’s no confusion when you mail in your rebate. If it’s the only thing on the receipt, you’ll be sure to get the full rebate amount! This rebate is valid until 4/30/13, and you must have an original form (no copies). Keep an eye out next time you’re at Rite Aid!

e. Booth All-Over-Body Sea Salt Body Scrub, 8 oz $7.99, Regular Price
Submit $7.99 Mail In Rebate

Final Price: Free