Extreme Couponing Tip: Get Coupons You Want by Swapping!

Have coupons you need but some you don’t? Try swapping with friends and other Krazy Couponers who have what you want. You’ll both win! Check out these good places to trade:

  • Local friends: Ask friends, family, and neighbors. If none of your friends coupons, get them into it! Having a coupon buddy can be a great asset.
    • Host a coupon trading party with friends. Clip coupons together, chat, then trade it up!
    • Printable coupons often have a limit of 2 per computer, so pair up with a friend and print some out for each other. This works well if  you shop for different products. For example: if your friend needs coupons for dog food and you don't have a dog, make a trade!  Or if you need to save on diapers and her kids are in high school. . . you get the idea.
  • KCL Facebook page: Trade coupons with other Krazy Couponers on the KCL Facebook wall. Ask around to see if someone has what you need and post about your extras.
    • Lingo you’ll need to know: ISO= In Search Of, UFT= Up For Trade, PM= Personal Message, Stamps= postage stamps.
    • When you post, include ISO, the coupons’ values, the source (printable, newspaper, etc) and specifications (i.e. expiration dates, fine print), then list what coupons you have UFT. Many people will respond via Facebook personal message (PM), so make sure to check your “Other” folder in messages.
  • Swap boxes: Donate the ones you don't need and take the ones you do. Usually found near the entrances of stores, libraries, community centers, churches, preschools/daycare centers, employee lunchrooms and more.
    • If there isn't a swap box near you, set one up! It's easy to do: get permission, buy a basket (the Dollar store is a great option), label it "Coupon Swap Box," and add rules and instructions.
    • To maintain, periodically take out expired coupons and donate them to military families overseas!