CouponsThere’s a reason that Yogurt has its own category here in the KCL Coupon Binder! There are always coupons for various yogurt brands, flavors/blends, and sizes. Hold on to these, use them when there’s a sale, and stock up! Coupons are often available from companies like Yoplait, Stonyfield, Dannon, Chobani, and Brown Cow, especially when new styles or flavors are coming out.

Markdowns: When dairy products near an expiration date, retailers often mark them down by 50 percent. Look for stickers on the individual products, usually near the front of the shelf. Marking down of products usually occurs in the evening or early hours at grocery stores, so you have a greater chance of finding them if you're a late night or early morning shopper. Ask your local store when markdowns happen, and plan to be there soon after.

Freeze it! When there's a krazy price on yogurt, consider stocking up and freezing the extras. Sealed yogurt cups can go straight into the freezer, though if the yogurt is fruit-on-the-bottom, consider shaking up the contents before freezing. You can also freeze yogurt in popsicle trays for a healthy summer treat!

Think big: If you are a frequent yogurt eater or use yogurt in recipes like parfaits and smoothies, try buying the bigger container, which is often cheaper per ounce than the individual plastic cups. Opt for a basic flavor such as vanilla or plain, and mix in your own fruit, jams, honey, etc. You can also portion out the yogurt into smaller containers for on-the-go eating.

Get creative: Try making your own yogurt if you have the time or willing helpers. (You can even do it in a slow cooker!)