FabKids is a recently launched children’s apparel brand that offers customers a new 3-piece outfit for girls each month! In celebration of their launch, get a 3 piece outfit for half price. Simply use code FIRST25 at checkout and pay only $25.00! Just think, your daughter might actually have an outfit that matches for school pictures!

As a member, each month you will receive personalized outfit selections for your girls. There are over 100 ready-to-play outfits available exclusively on Fabkids.com. When you first open your account, you are asked a series of 13 questions to help determine the type of clothing you prefer. Don’t worry. You are not limited to the styles chosen for you. They are just suggestions. Feel free to pick from any of the styles. When I registered, I had my daughter help answer the questions. She had a blast!

Here’s the skinny on the program:

  • Head to Fabkids.com.
  • Answer the 13 questions about your daughter’s style.
  • Finish creating your account.
  • View the outfits chosen for you and gain access to all of the other outfits.
  • At checkout, use code FIRST25 and pay only $25.00 for your first purchase.
  • Your order will ship free.

What to know after you have purchased your first outfit:

  • Each month you will be emailed a suggested outfit. This outfit will also be highlighted on the site when you log in.
  • You can choose to ship the one that was chosen for you (super easy–just one click), or do one of the following:
  • You can shop for a different outfit and check out with one click.
  • Or you can skip the month. A skip can be accomplished with a single click. It simply means that you do not want to shop, do not want to accumulate an outfit credit and will not be charged.
  • If you choose to do nothing, your card will be charged for $49.95 and a credit will be placed on your account for future shopping.
  • This process repeats each month until you cancel your membership.
  • There is never any obligation to buy, and you can cancel your membership anytime for any reason.