Dinnertime can be overwhelming. Between hungry kids, an energy level registering in the negatives, and the “what should I make for dinner” scramble, what’s a mom to do? Luckily, Conagra Foods has created a website that makes dinnertime a snap. Introducing, Ready, Set, Eat! Sign up for their newsletter and get access to quick, easy recipes and coupons. You can also choose the store closest to you, view their sales and create a shopping list. All things combined, dinnertime can become pleasant, relaxing and stress-free!



How to join Ready, Set, Eat:

  • Click here.
  • Register for an account. Use your name, email address and zip code.
  • On the next page, select a store as your “main store.”
  • From the next page, you have access to all of the good stuff.
  • Choose from a Recipe Finder (complete with prep times and total cooking times), Recipes, Shortcuts & Tips, Good for You Foods and Coupons & Offers.

Here’s what my homepage looks like. It is super easy to navigate and helps make dinnertime a cinch!