How KRAZY are you for coupons? Would you sprint down the grocery aisle to win gold? Would you do a reverse two-and-a-half dive into a dumpster full of coupons? Decal your car, your bike, your house with Krazy Coupon Lady logos? Stage a flash mob at the grocery store? Shave KCL into your head? How far would you go to show you're truly one of the krazies – especially if it could earn you $1000?

Now's the time to prove that "Krazy" coupon status! There's money on the line!

Announcing the first ever KCL Facebook Photo Contest: "You Might Be a Krazy Coupon Lady IF…."

To enter: Take an original photo that finishes the phrase "You Might Be a Krazy Coupon Lady If…." Photos must be taken in public with "The Krazy Coupon Lady" visible. Be creative. Think outside the box. Add shock value. Cause laughter. Get noticed. Stay PG!

Once photo is taken: Head to the KCL Facebook page. Upload photo. Spread the word. Winners are based on popularity, so tell your friends. Demand that every single one of them "Like" the KCL page and vote for your photo. They can vote once every 24 hours – so keep reminding.

The contest ends September 7th. Winners will be announced on Monday, September 10th!


  • $1000 Grand Prize
  • $500 KCL Team Favorite
  • $250 Runner-Up