A great benefit of saving big at the store, scoring free stuff, and having extra in your stockpile is sharing with those less fortunate!

Classrooms: Back-to-School sales are still hot, so even if you've already purchased an item like hand sanitizer, pocket folders, spiral notebooks or printer paper, consider picking up more this week and donating them to your child's classroom or to children in need.

Nursing Homes: Looking for ways to help the elderly? Try donating some cheap or free glucose monitors, Depends, Fixodent, or Polygrip to a local nursing home. If you have kids, make sure to bring them along—it will brighten up the residents’ day and help your children learn the importance of giving.

Toys: Now is the time to check clearance aisles for upcoming Christmas toys! Start collecting now so during the holidays you can donate them to children’s hospitals, women’s shelters, and families in need.

Convenience Products: Trial and travel sized products are great to send to military overseas or to help with relief efforts after natural disasters.

Furry Friends: Are you a pro at getting cheap or free pet supplies? Consider donating to an animal shelter! Also ask if they can use your extra Sunday papers as cage liners.

If you find you've bought too much and won't be able to use it all in time, donate it! Consider family and friends, needy neighbors, churches, or food banks. To find a food bank near you, check out Feeding America. If you're short on time, many sites allow for a monetary donation, starting at just $1.00 (and tax deductible). Even if you don't have the resources yet, you can volunteer your time and help those in need!