Standardized tests are commonplace, from elementary all the way to post-secondary education. Not only must the content of these tests be written and updated on a routine basis—but responses must be scored. That means good news for those looking for temporary work throughout the year.

If you possess a bachelor's degree or higher, you may be qualified to score exams either from home or at an on-site scoring center location. Consider these reputable, well-paying opportunities:

The SAT Exam: Online Scoring

One of the most well-known standardized exams, the SAT, is always in need of qualified scorers. Current and former teachers (especially of writing) can apply online here. Work assignments are offered for roughly a 12-day period after each SAT administration (7 per year).  Scorers must complete an application and qualify by achieving certain validity statistics during paid training. Then, scorers earn $18 per hour, with some additional incentive pay and longevity work bonuses available. Scorers can choose to work from 25 hours to 40 hours per week, all from the comfort of their home.

The AP Exam: On-Site Scoring

Advanced Placement exam scoring is available on a yearly basis. Current teachers (high school and college) gather in a predetermined location based on subject matter to score exams during a 7–8 day period, usually in the summer months. Scores are needed for all subjects in which national AP exams are offered, from foreign language to writing to history to art and more. If chosen to score, travel, lodging, and food expenses will be paid for during the week of scoring. Scorers will work approximately 8 hours each day. A stipend will be awarded at the end of scoring, which usually is $1500 and up, depending on the subject.

Pearson's "Scoring Green" Opportunities: Online Scoring

Pearson online scoring receives contracts for project-based elementary, secondary, and post-secondary scoring on a variety of subjects. Many state-standardized tests get scored by Pearson contract employees. A central application process will allow you to be part of a pool from which scorers are chosen to work on projects that last anywhere from a week to a month. Pay varies between projects: some pay an hourly rate, while others pay a "per paper scored" rate (like 5 cents for each written response read or 50 cents per each essay scored). Time is kept electronically, and each scorer is guaranteed a minimum base rate contractually. Like the College Board, Pearson also pays for its contract employees' online training (generally $12 per hour or a set amount per online training module). Scoring from home and setting individually-chosen hours are real perks here!

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards: On-Site Scoring

NBPTS allows current PreK–12 teachers and counselors to work contractually during week-long scoring sessions held in the summer months. Applicants will work in the subject area in which they are certified. Paid training, travel, networking opportunities, and an $18.75 per hour honorarium make this an attractive commitment for one week each summer.

Remember: although an opportunity to score may not be happening for several months, apply in advance to ensure your application is considered when it's time to pick from the pool.

This has been a guest post by Audrey from Texas
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