We’ve all heard of scenarios where extreme couponers buy hundreds of dollars worth of items and only pay a few bucks. While this sounds fabulous, realize this is NOT the norm, nor what you should expect with every shopping trip! We here at the Krazy Coupon Lady recommend your target savings be between 50 to 90 percent overall.

Once you’ve adopted the Krazy lifestyle, you’ll be cutting your grocery bill by at least half. You can achieve this by pairing coupons with the best sale prices and stocking up when a rock bottom deal comes along, eliminating last minute runs to the store for full-priced items.

Shopping at the national drugstores and utilizing their reward programs will enable you to get everything from toothpaste, shampoo, shaving cream, and soap to medicine and make-up for a fraction of the price you used to pay. Although we all need to buy everyday items like bread, dairy, and fresh produce, when we save on other areas like non-perishable food and toiletries, we really see a lowering the overall bill.

Another great tactic in our couponing game plan is shopping the sale cycles and stocking up when seasonal prices come around. Look to purchase what is in season and stock up when you can. Watch for school supplies, ice cream, and BBQ sauce in late summer; baking supplies and soups during the holidays; and allergy medicine and cleaning supplies in the spring. Fresh fruit expenses can be drastically lowered when you buy what’s in peak season and, therefore, at the lowest price, such as corn and melon in the summer, apples in the fall, and citrus in the winter.  For a full list, check out our comprehensive Sales Cycle List!

For more on the basics of couponing and how to implement these practices, head over to the KCL Beginner Section and start saving!