I can't tell you how happy I was a few weeks ago when I came home from shopping. My wonderful husband snuck home early from work and cleaned the entire house! Unfortunately, the cleanliness only lasted until morning, when my toddler decided to "redecorate" the dining room floor with cheerios. It was dustbuster to the rescue! Only, after a few seconds of dirt sucking, awful sounds and bad smells filled the air.

Upon further inspection, I realized that the filter had gone missing. My husband had mistakenly thrown it away, and the trash had been picked up that morning. I wasn't about to drop $30 on a new machine, but being without a dustbuster with a 1 year old in the house was just not an option. After a few minutes and several experiments, the busted dustbuster was fixed with a couple common household items!

Items Needed:

  • Coffee Filter
  • Clear packing tape





What To Do:

  • Remove the housing (the plastic piece that holds all the dust/food) the same way you would if you were emptying the dustbuster.
  • Place the coffee filter into the housing and let it "fall" naturally into place, somewhere near the middle of the housing. You don't want the coffee filter too close to the top (where it might get sucked towards the motor) nor too close to the bottom (otherwise the collected dirt won't have anywhere to go).
  • Next, use the clear packing tape to hold the coffee filter in place. You want to make sure that the entire edge of the coffee filter is covered with tape and is securely fastened to the housing; any non-taped portion will allow dust and fine food particles to get through and can clog the motor. Clear packing tape is best for the job, as scotch tape is too narrow to provide a good seal, and duct tape leaves a sticky residue that attracts dust and is difficult to clean.
  • Voila! Problem solved!

Money saved: About $30 for a replacement machine or about $10 for a replacement filter (depending on the model). This fix actually worked so well that I never bothered to get a real replacement filter. When I empty the dustbuster I just remove the tape, throw the used coffee filter away and "fix" the machine again!

This is a guest post by Lonnie from Stamford, CT
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