If you’re just starting out using coupons, a full coupon binder may seem daunting. Why not start out using a small accordion file?

When shopping for an accordion file, look for durable plastic; the paper versions will wear out quickly. You’ll also want to get the wider style to fit bigger coupons without having to fold them. It’s up to you how many categories you would like, but aim for 10-20 tabs.

Next, take a look at our binder categories on KCL and decide which you would like to combine or feature in your file. Tab the categories, and when you clip a coupon from an insert or print one off, simply insert it into the correct folder. Also, you may want to keep your coupons in order of expiration date to keep things organized.

Once you’ve successfully used your accordion file, you may want to take couponing to the next level and cross over to a coupon binder (check out this video for binder organization methods). But your beloved accordion doesn’t have to collect dust! Put it to good use as an organizer for shopping trips. Simply relabel the tabs with the various stores you shop. Each week, as you prepare your shopping list, pull the coupons you’ll be using, and file them into the appropriate store. And you’re set!