Coconut isn’t a nut. Joanie and I, on the other hand, are a couple of nuts! Here’s video proof!

Many a Krazy Coupon Lady contributor and reader have celebrated the virtues of coconut oil in cooking, on skin, in hair and around the home. So Joanie and I decided to try out some of these tips firsthand and capture it all on video.

The result is a funny, informative look at how to use coconut oil as a leave-in conditioner, eye makeup remover, glass cleaner, cuticle moisturizer and more.

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The Survey Says. . .

Use a tablespoon of coconut oil to boost your energy. Basically, it’s nature’s power-bar boost.
Verdict: Gross. And we didn’t notice a boost in energy.

Use coconut oil as a lotion.
Verdict: Greasy and short lived.

Use coconut oil as an eye makeup remover.
Verdict: It worked, especially if you use it before you wash your face. But, we wouldn’t recommend that you try this on-camera.

Use coconut oil as a cuticle softener.
Verdict: This also worked great!

Use coconut oil mixed with baking soda as Goo-Be-Gone.
Verdict: This will work if there is just a little grimy residue.  We were trying to remove an entire sticker, and it didn’t work.

Use coconut oil as a deep conditioner.
Verdict: When used on dry hair, this works great! Leave it on for one hour or overnight!