Call me a dweeb, but I love headlamps. They’re, um, illuminating.

I got up early this morning for a nice long walk in the cool fall weather. Unfortunately, it was pitch black outside and I tripped over the kids scooters and bikes on my way out the door. When it is that dark outside and I’m walking fast, every rock and sidewalk crack is a potential hazard. I think it’s safe to say I’m a bit klutzy.

Head lamps are good for so, so many things. So here’s my Bubba Gump moment with a list:

  • Morning walks.
  • Walking the dog.
  • Camping/hiking.
  • Cleaning out under the sink.
  • Working on the car.
  • Kids games.
  • Spelunking (a longshot, I know).
These items are much different than the kids and women’s clothing, toys and cosmetics deals we usually post around here. But they are really useful and practical. has a great deal — and FREE shipping — on a two-pack of 7-LED headlamps for just $9.99. Click this link. If you don’t have an account, sign in.

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