Who doesn’t love chocolate? Okay, admittedly there is a minute percentage of people who don’t like chocolate or have an allergy or are on an extreme diet or have some reason to refrain from eating such a delicious food. But for the rest of us, chocolate is a little bit of heaven. All the more reason chocolates make a great gift for the holidays. It never hurts to have an extra bag of nice truffles on hand for an emergency hostess gift, stocking stuffer for a forgotten relative, or for your own emergency chocolate craving and stress relief! Hurry over to Lindt’s Facebook page to print a limited-time coupon for a FREE bag of truffles! You will need to “like” the page on Facebook, then connect to your printer and click on the “coupon” tab to print your coupon. The coupon is valid for a free bag of Lindt truffles, up to 6 oz, and it expires 30 days from the time of printing. The page seems to be loading a bit slowly, so be patient and try often. It looks like they are giving away a million bags, so there should be enough to go around!