When you can share successes and failures about couponing, you are more prone to continue with your money-saving strategies than if you fly solo. Great candidates are spouses, roommates, parents, siblings, and neighbors. If you don’t have someone who currently coupons, introduce your friends!

Want to spice up your couponing trips? Try a little healthy competition either with your fellow coupon buddy or against your own best record. Try to beat your best percentage saved, or use the most number of coupons per trip.

Swap It
Have a ton of pet and vitamin coupons you can't use but are always on the lookout for baby products and feminine items? Try pairing up with a buddy nearby or finding a coupon pal across the country who will swap coupons–you both benefit!

Kid Watch
Going shopping with kids can be a difficult task but is easier and less stressful when you have another pair of hands to help.

Split Deals
It's nearly impossible to hit every drugstore, supercenter, and grocery store every week. So try splitting the list with a friend. Getting deals for each other helps save time and fuel. If there currently isn't someone in your area to team up with, introduce couponing to friends and relatives to share in the deals and in the fun!