Earlier this year I saw a picture of rocker Lenny Kravitz chatting away down the street with an old-fashioned phone handset attached to his iPhone. I couldn’t decide if it was uber cool or crazy, especially since Lenny was wearing black leather pants, women’s wedge boots and a black poncho.

Ultimately, I decided the handset was cool and that I wanted a pair of Lenny’s boots. The handset I can make a reality.

BuyDig is offering this new retro handset for iPhone and Android phones for just $8.99 with free shipping. Just use code CIAOBELLA at checkout. The offer is good through Oct. 17, 2012.

The handsets come in cool colors. Lenny may want to consider one to punch up his outfit a bit more.



Buy 1 Pyle Retro Style Handset $18.99
Get $10.00 discount and FREE Shipping
Final price: $8.99 shipped