Here are the coupons coming in this Sunday's paper. There will be three inserts this week. You can expect one Smart Source, one Red Plum and a small P&G insert. Please remember there are always regional differences, so check your local paper before heading to the store.

Smart Source

$1.00/1 Bear Creek Pasta Mix
B1G1 Free Beggin’ Package, 6 oz or larger up to $3.75
$0.50/2 Campbell’s 100% Natural Soups
$1.00/1 Campbell’s Skillet Sauces
$0.75/1 Colgate Optic White, Total Advanced or Sensitive Pro-Relief Toothpaste, 4 oz or larger
$1.00/1 Coricidin HBP Product
$3.00/1 Coricidin HBP Product
$0.40/2 Cottonelle Toilet Paper, 4 pk or $0.40/1 9 pk or larger
$1.00/1 Cottonelle Comfort Care Bath Tissue, 12 pk Target Coupon
$1.00/2 Cream of Wheat Product, 8 oz or larger
$1.00/1 Gas-X Product
$1.00/1 Glade PlugIns Scented Oil Warmer or Starter Kit
$1.00/1 Glade Scented Oil Twin Refill or (2) Single Refills
$1.00/2 Glade Carpet & Room Odor Eliminator or Automatic Spray Refills
$2.00/1 Glade Sense & Spray or Automatic Spray Starter Kit
$1.00/1 Hershey’s Assorted Snack Size Bag, 22 oz or larger
$1.00/3 Hershey’s, Reese’s, Kit Kat, Twizzlers or Jolly Ranchers Snack Size Bags, 8 oz or larger
$1.00/1 IHOP at Home Frozen Breakfast Item
$1.00/1 Johnsonville Italian Sausage
$3.00/2 Keri Lotion Products
$5.00/$25.00 Fisher-Price Toy Purchase, K-Mart coupon
$0.50/1 Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese Spread
$0.50/1 Kraft Philadelphia Indulgence Cream Cheese Spread
$0.50/1 Lysol Disinfecting Spray
$0.50/2 Lysol Disinfecting Wipes
$0.50/2 Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaners
$1.00/1 Lysol No-Touch Hand Soap System Starter Kit
$0.50/1 Maruchan Yakisoba Product
$1.50/2 Mitchum Products
$0.50/1 New York Frozen Bread Product
$2.00/1 Orajel Single Dose Product
$1.00/2 Ore-Ida Frozen Potato Product
$2.00/1 Perform Pain Relieving Singles, Gel, Roll-On or Spray
$20.00/1 Philips Sonicare DiamondClean, Flex Care+ or FlexCare Rechargeable Toothbrush
$4.00/1 Philips Sonicare Handle or Brush Head
$1.00/1 Poise Body Cooling Towelettes, Feminine Wash or Panty Fresheners
$2.00/1 Poise Personal Lubricant or Roll-On Cooling Gel
$3.00/1 Prevacid 24hr Product
$1.00/2 Red Rose Tea Products
$1.00/1 Revlon Color Cosmetic
$1.00/2 Revlon Haircolor Products
$2.00/1 Scotch or Scotch-Brite Pet Hair Remover or Sweeper Refill
$2.00/1 Scotch or Scotch-Brite Pet Hair Remover or Sweeper Starter Kit
$1.00/3 Trident Single Packs
$0.25/1 Viva Paper Towel Big Rolls
$1.00/1 V05 Styling or Hot Oil Treatment Product
$1.00/4 V05 Shampoos or Conditioners
$0.50/1 Wonderful Pistachios, 5 oz or larger

Red Plum

$3.00/1 Abreva Tube or Pump
$1.00/1 Advil Congestion Relief, Allergy & Congestion Relief, Cold & Sinus or Allergy Sinus
$1.00/1 Aquafresh Extreme Clean, 5.6 oz or larger
$1.50/1 Breathe Right Nasal Strips Product, 10-12 ct
$2.00/1 Breathe Right Nasal Strips Product, 26 ct or larger
$1.00/1 Caltrate Product
$2.00/1 Centrum Regular, Silver or Flavor Boost Multivitamin, 60 ct or larger
$2.00/1 Centrum Specialist Vitamin
$5.00/1 Centrum ProNutritents Supplement
$0.50/1 Charmin Ultra Strong or Ultra Soft, 9 pk or larger Target Coupon
$0.75/1 Fleischmann’s Simply Homemade
$2.00/1 Garnier Herbashine Color Creme
$1.00/3 Kellogg’s Special K Cereals, 11.4 oz or larger
$1.00/1 L’Oreal Paris Cosmetic Item, Target Coupon
$1.00/1 L’Oreal Paris Skincare Item
$3.00/2 L’Oreal Skin Care Items, Target Coupon
$5.00/1 L’Oreal Paris Youth Code Skin Care Kit, Target Coupon
$1.00/2 Morton System Saver II Pellets, 40,50 or 80 lb bags or $1.00/3 25lb bags or $1.00/2 Rust Remover Pellets, 40 or 80 lb bag
$1.00/2 Nestle Fun Size Halloween Candy Bags, 9.2 oz or larger
$1.00/1 Newman’s Own Complete Skillet Meal
$1.00/2 Pedigree Treats for Dogs
$0.75/1 Ricola Sugar Free Menthol Fresh
$1.00/2 Ricola Bags
$0.50/1 Snuggle Fabric Softener Liquid or Dryer Sheets
$0.50/1 Suave Deodorant Product
$0.50/1 Suave Professionals Styling Product
$0.50/2 Suave Professionals Shampoo or Conditioner
$0.75/3 Suave Naturals or Men Body Wash Products
$2.00/1 Suave Body Lotion Product, 18 oz or larger
$1.00/2 Superpretzel Soft Pretzel Product
$1.00/1 Wisk Laundry Detergent, 45 oz or larger
$1.00/2 Wonka Fun Size Halloween Candy Bags, 9.47 oz or larger


$0.25/1 Bounty Towels or Napkins
$0.50/1 Cascade ActionPacs
$0.25/1 Charmin Product
$2.00/1 Cheer Detergent
$1.00/1 Clairol Natural Instincts or Nice ‘N Easy Product
$3.00/2 Clairol Natural Instincts or Nice ‘N Easy Products
$2.00/2 Febreze Products
$0.25/1 Gain Dishwashing Liquid
$0.40/1 Gain Detergent or Fabric Softener
$1.00/2 Gain Detergent or Fabric Softener
$3.00/1 Gillette Mach3 Razor
$0.50/1 Mr. Clean with Gain Scent Liquid or Spray
$1.00/1 Oral-B Adult Battery Toothbrush or 3D White Action Rechargeable Toothbrush
$1.00/2 Simply Olay