Have a bit of spare time and ready to test some luck? Take a look at these sweepstakes options.


Use an e-mail address to enter a $10,000 credit with Overstock.com. Daily prizes in the “Overstocktober” sweepstakes are also available (like diamond jewelry). Get friends to sign up for additional entries. Sign up with e-mail, address, etc. Takes about one minute. Click on the sweepstakes tab from Overstock’s home page.


AARP’s “Fill the Gap” sweepstakes is huge. The prize is a whopping $50,000 just to learn about social security. Now, most KCL readers are too young to use social security, but we aren’t too young to learn about it. So pass this one on to your parents/grandparents, because it is open to folks 45 and older. AARP is making it fun to get the facts about this retirement resource. In addition to the big grand prize, enter for a chance to instantly win a $20 gift card.


Anyone who has ever visited a drivethru or has a television is probably aware that McDonald’s is running its regular Monopoly sweepstakes. Get the peels off of their products for chances at instant win prizes (usually food) and for game pieces. The game pieces also have codes to enter online for additional chances to win. Prizes include vehicles and a million dollars. Click this link to enter codes.


Through the end of October, Chase Bank is running the “Liquid Instant Win Game and Reload Sweepstakes.” The grand prize is $5,000 cash. There are thousands of $10 instant win game pieces. Play online by entering e-mail and home address information. It takes about two minutes with this link. Play once per day. You have to sift through a bit of marketing.