Shopping at the right store can make all the difference to a Krazy Couponer! Whether it's switching to a different kind of store or just a better location, it will make shopping a more pleasant experience and potentially save you money!

One of my local chain grocery stores has two locations–one is 3 minutes away and the other 7. While the closer location is faster to get to, the one that is farther away is better lit, the aisles are wider, the selection more extensive, and items are almost always in stock! They are very good about ordering lots of extras for sales, while the closer location runs out frequently. This is especially important for promotions that won't work with a rain check at a later date. For me, the extra 4 minute drive is worth it.

It is extremely beneficial when your store knows their policy and is great with coupons. Sometimes the stores that have the biggest discounts aren’t the easiest to shop. So you may choose to make a switch. Get to know the ins and outs of new stores so you can save the most and hopefully make up the cost (or exceed the savings!) If you love to price match, you may prefer Target to Walmart (or vice-versa, depending on your store). If you have multiple drugstores, consider swapping for a few trial weeks.

Better location perks include wide aisles, coupon friendly, well lit store, big promos and sales, better selection (e.g. produce, markdowns and clearance, organic/natural choices), ability to stack store and manufacturer coupons, easy to navigate store layout, doubling/tripling coupons, close by your residence or other stores you shop, price match guarantee, knowledge of policies, products in stock, easy return policy, and longer hours. For those with kids, fun carts and small freebies, like a sticker, donut, or balloon are big pros to keep the little ones happy while you shop!