So, moms? Very soon your kids are going to be out of school for a couple of weeks. That’s a couple weeks of “Mom, I’m bored,” “Mom, there’s nothing to do,” and “Mom, how many days until Christmas?”

I have a plan in place to occupy my kids and a purchase to make it happen: a cardboard playhouse. I’m putting this away until the winter school break. Then the kids can spend hours coloring and decorating with their buckets full of markers, crayons, stickers, etc. At the first hint of boredom, I’ll point a hasty finger at the playhouse!

These little cardboard gems go for about $34.99 at plus shipping. I picked one up at for $24.00 plus their standard $7.95 shipping. That’s a total of $31.95 to maintain my holiday sanity. A bargain, I say!

Totsy, a daily deal site for moms and kids, offers two basic styles for $24.00 and a fancier castle version for $27.00.

First-time customers to Totsy will get an even better deal, because the shipping is free for them.

Click here to get started. New customers will need to create an account. Scroll down the page a bit to Easy Playhouse.