If you have a store nearby that has Double Ad days, save time by shopping once every two weeks and scoring double the deals!

Grocery stores such as Sprouts Farmers Market, Sunflower Market, Sun Harvest, Henry's Farmers Market, and Elm City Market feature a "Double Ad Day." Most sales run Wednesday to Wednesday, meaning that if someone shops on Wednesday, they can get two weeks' worth of deals at once! Save time by shopping once every two weeks instead of each week to get in on the hot sale prices. These stores are renowned for their fresh and often organic produce and bulk items at super-low prices. This translates into lots of fresh fruits, veggies, bulk nuts, oatmeal, and yogurt pretzels for my family for very little money!

Another well-kept secret in the shopping world is that some stores start sale prices the night before the next sale day and will still honor the previous week's sales. This can vary widely from location to location, so experiences can be hit and miss. Also be aware that while the sale signs may be up throughout the store, they will display the sale date span. If an item does not ring up at the sale price before midnight on Sunday/Wednesday, then the store does not have to honor the sale price because, technically, the sale does not begin until opening the next day. When in doubt, ASK. The cashier or manager will be able to tell you when new prices are in their system.