When people think about Florida, they often think of NASA, beach holidays, alligators, hurricane season, and, of course, cruises and Disney World!

But although living in Florida offers many perks and pleasures, it's also one of the few states that does not allow for double or triple coupons that are so popular in the couponing world. So as a Florida resident, I cannot benefit from the kind of deals many KCLs regularly enjoy! I very rarely find freebie purchases near me, and getting money back on a buy is nearly non-existent. And while I've drooled over the brag lounge on KCL, I know deep in my heart I will never see that type of savings unless I move!

In Florida, there’s a saying that if you can save 45 percent off your bill, you're doing REALLY well. So how do those of us in a non-coupon-friendly state save that little extra? Here are a few ideas:

Get a newspaper subscription

Purchasing the Sunday paper on a subscription basis will not only save you money with a lower cover price but will also save you the time and effort of running around to find a store that still has those coveted papers left on the shelf. Look for special offers in your local newspaper. I was able to pick up a year's worth of Sunday papers for just $0.55 per issue ($1.45 below the cover price) simply by finding a special offer code in the newspaper off the stand!

Go for magazines

The “All You” magazine is another worthy subscription to consider. Each issue contains numerous coupons that are great value-wise and even better with extended expiration dates. And if you have a MyCokeRewards account, you can pick up a free year for just 333 points!
Consider cutting the number of stores you shop. I know this may sound crazy, but I've found that instead of carrying cards to every store in town and wasting gas getting from place to place, I stick with the two or three that give me the best return on my money. Then I price match the other stores' sales at my local Walmart where I'm guaranteed to get the lowest price possible and still be able to use manufacturer coupons to save more.

Make the most of the coupons you do have

In my town, Publix has become my go-to store. Not only do they allow me to use a manufacturer coupon on an item, I can also double it up with a Publix coupon and triple the savings with a competitor's coupon. My Publix accepts Target store coupons, but acceptable competitors will vary from location to location, so check with your local Publix store to see whose coupons they will redeem!

Pay for a BJ's Wholesale Club membership

Yes, I understand many dislike the idea of paying membership dues. But in the case of the BJ's club, you are guaranteed to get your money's worth. Every time I've signed up, I've saved the membership fee ($40–$50 per year) on the first trip with the number of coupons I can use. BJ's has their own online printable coupons, a monthly booklet of high-value coupons, as well as a once-a-quarter magazine that contains recipes, travel savings tips and even more high-value coupons. And unlike Sam's Club, BJ's encourages the use of manufacturer coupons. They allow you to double up a BJ's coupons with a manufacturer coupon for the same item, or you can stack the manufacturer coupons to match the quantity in the package. They are also offering a FREE 60-day trial membership with a coupon available on their website. And if you sign up for a year when you redeem the coupon, they're currently adding the two free months onto the end of your membership for a total of 14 months!

So get ready to shop and save money at the same time! Even in a state like Florida, it is possible to find ways to "double or triple" coupons if you're willing to spend that little extra time and money! And you don't have to drive across to another state to find a Kroger, either!