It can be frustrating to get a newspaper without inserts! Follow these tips so you don’ t miss out:

No Sunday Insert
On many national holidays, newspapers carry fewer or no inserts (New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas). Always check the Sunday Coupon Preview before purchasing a paper. If there are no inserts that week, consider skipping a purchase at the stands or put your subscription on hold.

Limited Inserts
Several newspaper companies only have a certain number of inserts and ad circulars available for distribution on any given Sunday. The first priority is to the home delivery customers, followed by newsstands and stores. If your newsstand newspaper had no inserts, this may be why: There were simply not enough that week to make it to all the stands. If possible, opt for an open store stand over a machine. A store’s open stand allows you to make sure the inserts are there.

Newspaper Availability 

Some smaller newspapers have limited inserts or no inserts at all. No inserts tend to occur when an area receives RedPlum, Proctor & Gamble or Smart Source in their weekly mail with store flyers. So those newspapers are less likely to carry the mailed inserts. Before subscribing, ask each newspaper company which inserts they regularly carry so you’ll know what’s missing. If you are missing inserts, contact the newspaper customer service or circulation departments and explain. Some newspapers may give you a refund, get you the inserts, or send a new paper.

Remember, it is ILLEGAL to take coupon inserts from a newspaper you did not purchase. KCLs have high ethical standards and do not participate in theft of any kind, including taking inserts without paying.