Did you know that you not only can use coupons with programs like WIC and Food Stamps to lower your total bill, but you can save them money, allowing more families in need to receive assistance?

Federal Aid programs can really help those in need. If you are currently receiving assistance, make sure to purchase sale items, swipe your loyalty cards, and use coupons whenever possible! Simply separate your purchases into approved food (covered by WIC/ Food Stamps) and non-food items (those not covered), and make sure to hand over all applicable coupons before you run your EBT card or hand over your checks/vouchers. Your final total will be lower, allowing you to purchase more food for your family. Also, when coupons are used, less taxpayer money is needed to fund the transaction, and therefore more needy individuals and families can participate.

Please note that these programs DO encourage coupon use. If your retailer says they will not accept coupons with these programs, call the appropriate program hotline to report the store so they know what to do in the future. If you have a shopping guide or paperwork that states how coupons are encouraged, take this with you to checkout to help out uniformed cashiers.