A couple weeks ago, I posted a comment on KCL that said something like, "I love Amazon!  They would be perfect if they just accepted coupons."  Well, you can just picture my happy dance when I was looking at the sales on Amazon and saw clippable coupons for things like groceries, cleaning supplies, personal care items, and more!  Now I can shop on Amazon from the comfort of my own home and use coupons to make their low prices even better!  Great Amazon prices, free shipping (with Amazon Prime), and now coupons. I'm in heaven!

Find Your Coupons

The coupons on Amazon feature discounts on a large variety of products. You can also see the most popular coupons at the bottom of the Today's Deals page.

Clip Your Coupons

Just like Load to Card coupons at other stores, "clip" the coupons you want by clicking on them, and then they attach to the product when it is purchased.  The coupon applies after any other discounts or sales.

Choose the Item You Want to Buy

When you click on the coupon, you are transferred to a page that shows all of the items that can be used with the coupon.

Add the Item to the Cart

To redeem the coupon, just add the item to your cart. You should see the coupon on the checkout page.

Add Another Amazon Prime Eligible Item

Many grocery and household items are now able to ship free for Amazon Prime customers as "Add-On Items" when you purchase $25 in items that are eligible for Amazon Prime Free Shipping.

For example: I clipped a $4.00 off Gillette Fusions Proglide coupon, then I clicked on the coupon to see the items I could get with the coupon. The Gillette Fusion Proglide Manual 1 Up Razor was marked 50% off from $13.93 to $6.97, so I added it to my cart. Below the sale price of the razor, it said, "Save $4.00 Coupon Clipped." I added a necklace listed at $25.00 and was eligible for Amazon Prime Free Shipping. When I clicked the button to buy my items, the order summary reflected the $4.00 discount and the total price was $27.97 with free shipping. This made my Gillette Fusion Proglide Manual 1 Up Razor $2.97!


  • Each coupon may only be used once per customer. So if you buy three of the same item, only one discount will apply.
  • The coupons can't be combined with Amazon mail-in rebates.
  • If you return an item that was purchased using a coupon, the amount of the coupon will be subtracted from the refund.