We all have one of these in our family or circle of friends — someone who goes to even the most obscure of independent films and tells us what we’re missing at the hands of the big studios.

Here’s an instant gift for that “film critic” or for the family during the big holiday break: a two-week free trial to Fandor.com.

Fandor is like the Netflix of independent films. Prolific film critic Roger Ebert is a big fan. It launched earlier this year.

The site features international, classic, silent, independent and animation films online. With a free two-week trial get unlimited viewing online, at home or on the go.

After the free trial ends, Fandor is just $10 a month, which is comprable with other online streaming movie sites. As an added bonus, half of the subscription fee each month supports the independent film community.

Click here to get started. An easy way to sign in is with a Facebook login.

If you use this deal, let us know about the site, its selection and value in the comments. This is the first time we’re featuring Fandor.