I just ordered a subscription from Discount Mags. How long until I receive my first issue?

Allow between 8-12 weeks for your first issue to commence. This time frame is industry standard. In general, you can expect titles which are published more frequently to arrive quicker than titles published quarterly, for example. Also keep in mind that some magazine publishers pre-print mailing labels in advance in order to save money on printing costs, and in some cases this can delay the arrival of your first issue. If for some reason you have been waiting over 12 weeks for your first issue, simply contact Discount Mags and they’ll look into your order right away. Another option would be to contact the magazine publisher directly.

Will Discount Mags automatically renew my magazine subscription?

They will never automatically renew your magazine subscription. Often times publishers will send you a “renewal notice/invoice” when your subscription is coming to an end. These mailings are not coming from Discount Mags. If you do not wish to renew your subscription, simply ignore these letters in the mail. The only time they will charge a customer’s credit card is on the day they made their purchase on their website. Customers will never be recurrently charged for anything they sell.

Can I renew my existing subscription through Discount Mags?

Yes, definitely. Before you add a magazine to your cart, select the radio button “Renew my Subscription”. Once the publisher receives the order, they will tack on the additional year(s) to your current account with them. Ensure that the delivery name and address matches the current subscription exactly to avoid a duplicate account being created.

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