A great benefit of saving big at the store is scoring free stuff. But even better: Having extra in your stockpile to share with those less fortunate!

Place a donation box in the garage or wherever you keep most of your stockpile. Use this as a catchall for items you intend to donate. If your stockpile is scattered throughout the house, you might consider using a few smaller boxes (maybe one for food and one for non-food). If you do overbuy and discover items that will expire before you can use them, put these into your box. Then promptly deliver your donations to a food bank, church, family, or needy neighbor. You'll need to do this prior to your products' best by date.

You can also start a donation box at local spots, such as your church, library, or community center. Simply ask permission, specify what you’re collecting and who it’s for, then keep an eye on the box. When it gets full, it’s time to donate!

To find a food bank near you, check out Feeding America. Make sure to check the food bank hours and find out what their greatest needs are. It could be baby items (formula, diapers, wipes), canned foods, treats for kids, baking supplies, ethnic food, or special holiday foods. Also remember that even if you don't have the resources yet, you can volunteer your time to help those in need!