Google isn’t just the best way to search online—it’s also the easiest way to earn cash just for surfing the Internet! Join the Google Screenwise panel, and you’ll earn $8.00 your first week and $2.00 every week after that, all for just using your computer.

What’s Screenwise?

Screenwise Panel is your chance to help make Google Chrome even more awesome! When you sign up, you’ll download a meter toolbar to your computer or mobile device. The toolbar will track how you use Chrome. Google uses that information to make its search engine even better and make your time online more enjoyable. Your rewards stack up automatically and can be redeemed for gift cards at Barnes & Noble, Walmart and tons of other awesome retailers!

Remember, your information is confidential. If you ever decide Screenwise isn’t for you, it’s easy to leave—just look under “How can I leave the Screenwise Panel” in the FAQ page. Visit Google to get started.