With all of the great sales going on from one week to the next, one can be tempted to fill up two carts’ worth and go back for more, resulting in an overlarge mountain of merchandise. But the real secret to Krazy Coupon stockpiling success is to build it gradually, most of the time adding just a handful of items each week.

Seasonal Sales: Rock bottom prices don’t all happen at once, so neither should your stockpile! Sales are cyclical, usually coming along every three months, six months, or each year. For example, winter is the perfect time to stock up on soups, canned pumpkin, cranberry sauce, and baking supplies, while the summer months are prime for razors, BBQ sauce, and school supplies.

Stockpile Amount Guidelines: As a general rule of thumb, you’ll want to stockpile as much as your family will use before the expiration date. If your household uses a tube of toothpaste every month and toothpaste has a shelf life of 18 months, your target amount will be around 18 tubes. However, a Krazy Couponer won’t go out and buy 18 tubes at once! Instead, wait until it’s at a rock bottom price, like $0.25 or under, and get a handful of extras to put in your stockpile. Oral care items are frequently marked down in price, so you can easily reach your target after a few good sales.

Slow and Steady: A big plus to gradually building your stockpile is that preferences can change. If you enjoy a type of cereal and you go out and buy 30 boxes, chances are you’ll be pretty tired of it quickly. Keep variety in your stockpile and take the opportunities to try out new products (since new flavors/ scents/ varieties often have the highest-value coupons!) Buying in cycles also helps you rotate your stockpile so the freshest items are in the back and the soonest-to-expire products are up front to be used first.

Special Order: When you do need a large quantity of an item, you can guarantee you get what you need and not clear shelves by placing a special order! Simply call the store where the desired sale item is featured and let them know the quantity of the product you would like, and they will give you a pick-up date (usually within 2 to 4 days).