The next time you’re strolling through Rite Aid, be sure to check the cosmetics aisle. We found tons of Bonne Bell Lip Smacker products on clearance, 75% off. Here are just a few of the products on clearance. You don’t even need coupons!

Pink Lemonade Lip Smacker (reg $1.89) $0.47, clearance price


Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker (reg $2.75) $0.69, clearance price


Lip Smacker Lip and Nail Duo (reg $3.50) $0.88, clearance price


Coca-Cola or Coca-Cola Cherry Liquid Lip Smacker Lip Gloss (reg $3.50) $0.88, clearance price


Lip Smacker Strawberry Color Kiss (reg $3.95) $0.99, clearance price