There are a two different ways to maximize coupon savings at Safeway!

1. Many regions receive a coupon in the weekly Safeway ad called the Safeway Doubl’r. This coupon allows up to four different coupons to be doubled in one transaction per household per week.

2. Other select stores automatically double up to four manufacturer coupons with a value up to $1.00 each.

The rules can vary by store. Inquire at your local Safeway or affiliate store to find out if your area allows doubling. Unfortunately, Safeway has stopped doubling coupons in many of their stores. If your store no longer doubles or if your area does not receive the Doubl’r, there are still many great ways to save at Safeway! The Just for U program is one excellent way to save. Read the Just for U program post for more details about this program.






The Safeway Doubl’r

The Safeway Doubl'r is a regional coupon contained in the weekly ad that allows doubling of up to four different manufacturer coupons per week with a value of up to $0.50 each. If a coupon's value exceeds $0.50, the Doubl'r will add an extra $0.50 onto the face value of the coupon. For example, a $1.00 coupon with the Doubl'r will become a $1.50 off coupon.

The coupons must be newspaper coupons only. The Safeway Doubl'r does not allow doubling of Internet coupons.

Safeway will not allow more than one of the same coupon to be doubled with the Doubl’r.

Safeway does not allow the Doubl’r to be used on coupons in the Just for U program that have been loaded to your Club Card. Keep in mind, once a coupon is loaded to your Safeway Club Card it will be used over a clipped coupon. The Just for U program does not have an option to choose a clipped coupon instead of a Just for U coupon that has been loaded to a Club Card.

Here are some key facts to remember when using the Safeway Doubl’r:

  • Only four coupons are allowed to be doubled per Doubl’r.
  • Coupons will only be doubled up to $0.50 regardless of their value.
  • No Internet coupons can be doubled.
  • Coupons must be brought in and clipped from the newspaper.
  • All coupons doubled must be different.
  • Safeway Just for U coupons cannot be doubled.
  • Store coupons cannot be doubled.

Double Couponing

Safeway allows coupons to be doubled in select stores throughout the nation. Unfortunately, double couponing has been drastically reduced at Safeway stores. In addition, rules on double couponing vary from store to store. Be sure to check with your local Safeway for their exact rules and policies. Most Safeway stores that still allow doubling will double up to four manufacturer coupons with a face value up to $1.00. Catalina coupons cannot be doubled. Just for U coupons and store coupons cannot be doubled. Be sure to check coupons for a “Do Not Double” warning in the fine print.

Key facts to remember when double couponing:

  • Rules vary from store to store.
  • Most stores will not double over $1.00.
  • Check coupons for “Do Not Double” rule in fine print.
  • Catalina coupons cannot be doubled.
  • Safeway Just for U coupons cannot be doubled.
  • Safeway store coupons cannot be doubled.
  • Call your local Safeway for store policies regarding double couponing.