“I’ve tried using coupons, but after I go to all the trouble of clipping, I find that the store generic brand is still cheaper than the name brand with a coupon! Help!”

This common concern is frequently heard from new couponers. It’s not that we despise generics here at KCL, but we know that when you pair a good coupon with a great sale on name brands, you can stock up for a rock bottom price — lower than any generic! Read on for the proof.


Name Brand vs. Generic

For example, if you visit your local supermarket to use one “$1.00 off two cans of Cream of Chicken soup” coupon, it will end up being cheaper just to buy generic.

Campbell’s Cream Soup $1.18
Use $1.00/2 coupon
Final Price: $0.68 each when you buy 2


Generic Cream Soup $0.55

Tossing the couponing and buying the generic is just what a casual coupon clipper would do. But not Krazy Coupon Ladies and Gents!


Name Brand vs. Generic with Stacking

If you wait and use the coupon when the name brand soups are at a rock bottom price — Voila! Cheap soup! For example, one week Campbell’s soup is on sale for $0.65. Let’s do the math!

Campbell’s Cream Soup $0.65
Use $1.00/2 coupon

Final Price: $0.15 each when you buy 2

Now that’s a stock up price! You’re saving over 87% on an average retail price and 72% off even the generic price! When someone asks me whether it’s cheaper to buy generics than name brand items with coupons, I ask them whether they pay over fifty cents for a box of cereal or fifteen cents on a can of soup. That usually answers their question and is the end of their skepticism.