Check for clearance items (usally near the back of the store) and look to pair them with coupons for great savings. Make sure to always shop with your coupon binder!


Buy clearance items after holidays and at the end of a season for 75%-90% off! Look for clothing, decorations, gifts, cards and much more!


Below are great examples of non-food items to find after the holiday/season has passed:


  • New Years: noisemakers, hats, party favors, diet aids
  • Valentine's Day: Valentine cards, KY lubricant, perfume
  • Winter: coats, jackets, scarves, boots for next year (for children, buy a size or two up)
  • Easter: Baskets, plastic eggs, dresses and accessories, egg dyeing kits
  • Memorial Day: BBQ utensils, flower wreaths
  • Spring: umbrellas, raincoats, sweaters, Mother's and Father's Day gifts and cards
  • July 4th: American flags, fireworks, lemonade coolers, plates, napkins, and cups
  • Summer: shorts, caps, swimsuits, camping gear, gardening supplies, insect repellent, fans
  • Back to school: binders, paper, crayons, folders, backpacks
  • Halloween: candy-alternatives like Halloween crayons, erasers, watches, spinning tops, etc. Mix these in the candy bowl next year!
  • Thanksgiving: turkey carving products, table settings, Thanksgiving decorations
  • Fall: rakes, school supplies, outdoor furniture, bikes
  • Christmas: wrapping paper and gift bows, holiday cards, Christmas lights, toys, stocking stuffers