As parents, we work hard to provide a safe, comfortable home for our kids.

Jessica Alba, actress and mom of two, is no exception. She stressed about the harsh chemicals in disposable plastic diapers (like phthalates and dioxin). After all, babies spend 24-hours a day in diapers.

Alba turned concern into action and co-founded The Honest Company, which offers an entire range of 100% natural, non-toxic personal care, household, and SAFER baby products like non-toxic diapers.

Products from The Honest Company are affordable. Bundles save the average shopper more than 30% over buying each product separately.

New customers can sign up for an account and get a free sample to get started. Just pay $5.95 shipping.

Choose from:

  • Diapers Bundle (gentle, non-toxic diapers and wipes)
  • Family Essentials Bundle (shampoo, lotion, hand soap, detergent and balm)

Here’s how:

  • Visit The Honest Company.
  • Provide an e-mail address and other personal information.
  • Answer some fun style questions for a free trial.
  • Pay $5.95 shipping to get the trial.

While it is a subscription service, The Honest Company lives up to its name. They recognize that subscription services may not suit everyone’s needs, so they allow cancellation after the free trial. The entire process takes about one minute (not much to keep our children safe and comfy!) Also, right now, invite friends to join The Honest Company and receive a free $20.00 credit!