If your area doesn’t carry coupon inserts or you don’t have time to clip your own coupons, buying coupons from places like TheCouponClippers.com can be a good route as long as you have the know-how.

  • Product description: Search for coupons by typing in key words like “Quaker coupons” or a specific coupon, such as “$0.75/2 Quaker coupon.”  Check the product description carefully–it should say “original manufacturer coupons” and, ideally, list the source (e.g. the insert and date, the magazine name and issue number, etc).
  • Fine Print: Make sure the coupon covers exactly what you want to buy, and look for size or flavor restrictions. Double check the coupon value and how many items it covers. You don’t want to be too rushed and buy what you thought was a $1.00/1 coupon that turns out to be $1.00/2, especially since coupon values do vary by region. Also verify the shipping costs and add that in to the cost per coupon.
  • Expiration dates:  Double check the expiration dates on all coupons you’re considering, and make sure the seller’s shipping time is sufficient to ensure you can use them before they expire. Just because coupons are for sale does not mean they haven’t already expired.