Here’s an awesome deal for coffee and tea lovers. Get 4 boxes of Gevalia and a stainless steel canister with a scoop for just $19.99 shipped from!

To get this great offer, simply sign up for the site’s auto-delivery program for a limited time.

Visit and select the fourth slider of their homepage titled “Timing is Everything” to get started (it looks like the image above).

Gevalia gives customers the option to receive orders shipped to their home in intervals of once every two weeks to once every ten weeks. Want to take advantage of this great offer but don’t want to be locked in to their auto-delivery program? Simply cancel your subscription at any time by e-mailing Gevalia’s customer service at or by phone at 1-800-GEVALIA.

4 Boxes of Dark Chocolate Truffle Coffee $19.99
Gevalia Stainless Steel Canister With Scoop Free
Pay $19.99, plus free shipping
Final Price: $19.99 shipped