Think you can’t afford lean meat or steak cuts? Think again! When you keep a lookout at the meat section for items nearing their “sell by” dates, you can score great cuts of meat for 50% off!

Stores mark down prices for quick sale on items like meat and bread that have approaching “sell by” dates. These dates help the store keep track of inventory that needs to be purchased by that time. Many times food is still good to eat a little past the date as long as it was and is stored correctly. If the “use by” date is a day or two away, stores will usually discount the product to ensure it sells. Meats that are discounted will often have stickers saying things like "$_ off this package," "BOGO," or "50% off." To have the best pick of cuts and varieties on sale, find out when your store marks down meats (usually at night or the early morning hours) and plan to be there soon after. Then, if the food is nearing its expiration date, use it that evening or freeze it for later use.

Even vegetarians can benefit from keeping an eye on the discounted section for items like stuffed mushrooms and bell peppers, stir fry mixes, and veggie burgers!