KCLers know how to save money. Now get total control of your finances and take the next step towards financial independence with a smart, fantastic offer from LearnVest. LearnVest is a financial management platform designed specifically for women. There’s a variety of content, tools, and professional support available to meet almost every need.

Use the Money Center to track spending, organize transactions and develop a budget you can stick to. With PC and mobile access, you’ll receive help every step of the way from planners who understand your needs.

Right now is a great time to get started with LearnVest. With this KCL-exclusive opportunity, new users receive free, instant access to a range of professional financial bootcamps. Easy to understand (and easier to put into action) each 10-day course is tailored toward a specific financial goal.

Entirely online, these convenient courses are designed by financial experts. Even better, they fit busy schedules—log in anytime, anywhere. Visit LearnVest and register for free with an email address and password to get started.

Take one or all of these LearnVest financial bootcamps:

Baby on Board

This Baby on Board bootcamp helps plan for baby’s needs—cradle to college. Get insider information on how to free up money for baby, handle maternity leave, choose health insurance and adapt to changing career demands.

Identify the best options for life insurance and estate planning, tax breaks and college savings (after all, Harvard isn’t cheap).

Take Control

Assess overall financial health and get back on track with the Take Control bootcamp. This program helps you monitor cash flow and expenditures, set financial goals and develop a realistic monthly budget you can stick to.

Focus on improving your credit score, planning for retirement (think sand, sun and tiny umbrellas) and building an emergency fund.


Live a Debt-Free Life

Learn how to identify and analyze different types of debt with Debt-Free Life bootcamp. Find out how much your debt is costing you and determine your shopping triggers (they’re not nearly as scary as they sound). Identify and alter patterns of behavior that contribute to debt, and develop strategies to eliminate it.

Use this program to master the 50/20/30 rule of budgeting to save like never before. You’ll receive daily to-do email alerts and access to helpful interactive tools to help you through tricky situations.