Want to get your omega-3s without busting your budget? Check out these tips!

Fresh Flavor
Love fresh? Try waiting for whole salmon to go on a rock bottom sale and then have the butcher fillet it. As a bonus, most stores and meat shops will do it for free!

Freeze Tag
If you’re looking for the convenience of ready-to-go fillets but fresh is too expensive, look in the frozen section for boneless skinless cuts. These can be up to 50 percent cheaper per pound than their fresh filleted counterparts plus are more convenient since you can thaw and cook at your leisure.

Can It!
Take the guesswork out of cooking fish with easy, shelf-stable canned salmon. This is salmon at its easiest, letting you make salmon burgers, salmon patties, or pasta salads in minutes. You’ll want to save pouches for on-the-go lunches or camping since pouches tend to be smaller than their can counterparts but cost the same.