Krazy Coupon Ladies know how to protect their pocketbooks, but there's more to saving than just shopping smart for groceries and retail.

How we manage our money is more important than ever.

Get the most out of your savings with three professional (and free) financial management tools:


1. Better Banking with a Capital One 360 Savings Account

Formerly ING Direct, Capital One 360 offers the same great security, convenience and high annual

percentage yield. 360 Savings Accounts come loaded with .75% APY and no fees or minimum balances. With easy deposits via computer or mobile app, setting up 360 savings account takes less than 5 minutes—just link it to any existing account.

Open a 360 Savings Account:

  • Enter your personal information, then create and verify your PIN number.
  • Validate your information and agree to review your account information electronically.
  • Set up your new account and accept the terms and conditions.
  • Validate your account information and authorize a deposit to your new Capitol One 360 account from an existing account.
  • Review your information and submit. Then, print your account confirmation, and expect the transfer to your new account to post in just a few days pending approval of the application.

2. Live a Debt-Free Life with LearnVest Online Finance Bootcamps

LearnVest, a financial management platform designed specifically for women, is offering its Live a Debt-


Free Life online financial bootcamp for free.

Learn how to identify, analyze and eliminate different types of debt. Determine your shopping triggers (don’t worry–they’re not nearly as scary as they sound) and learn to alter patterns of behavior that contribute to debt. Use this program to master the 50/20/30 rule of budgeting to save like never before. You'll receive daily to-do email alerts and access to helpful interactive tools to help you through tricky situations.

New users receive free, instant access to a 10-day course designed by financial experts. This class fits into any schedule—log in anytime, anywhere to access content, tools and support. Visit LearnVest and register for free with an email address and password!

3. Monitor Credit and Identity with Credit Sesame

Protect your credit and get finances under control with Credit Sesame.

Starting an account is completely free and requires no credit card information. Members get access to a variety of tools to help manage personal finance. Get an instant view of overall credit, an Experian credit score, a debt analysis and daily credit alerts to help prevent identity theft.

Open a Credit Sesame Account:

  • Visit Credit Sesame.
  • Enter personal information (make sure to use your full legal name).
  • For those with a common name, the site requests identifying information from credit reports like a previous address.
  • Confirm your account. Done!

Whether you're a seasoned saver or just starting out, taking advantage of these strategies is a great way to stretch the budget.