Every Krazy Couponer wants to save a little extra at the store, so when possible, ask for a price adjustment!

When a product is dented, scratched, or has an aesthetic flaw, it tends not to sell quickly. Stores will often give customers a discount to clear it off the shelf. Make sure not to purchase any cans that are bulging or personal care products that have been opened.

If you come across produce, deli, dairy, or meat items that are bruised or close to their expiration date, ask the shift manager if you can get a small discount. In addition, many grocery stores have a specific time each day when they mark down perishables and items made daily; check at your location. When I was in college, a local grocery store would mark down donuts at 9 p.m. If we were in the market, we’d make sure to stop in at that time. Shop late and ask the manager if he’ll mark them down even more.

You can also employ this tactic at other stores. Look for electronics that have dents or scratches, or clothes that have loose seams or snags.