Want to be the first to know about your favorite products’ promotions, giveaways, samples and coupons? “Like” them on Facebook!

Almost all brand-name foods promote their products on social networks, including old classics and new-to-the-market items. Search for your favorite brands in the Facebook search box then “Like” the page. Print coupons and enter sweepstakes.

Facebook followers are the first to know about special deals and upcoming coupons. Just look in your Facebook News Feed. To make sure you keep receiving feed updates, “Like” posts that come up from that company. When you get a coupon, remember to thank them on their page to encourage future offers. Remember, positive feedback makes a difference!

When you “Like” a page, most companies’ acceptance terms include finding out your basic information so they can better understand their consumer base and advertise accordingly. If you’re concerned about your personal information, adjust your privacy settings accordingly. You’ll want to take a look at what information you make public, which is the “basic information” they can look at.